1-on-1 Coaching

Let's accomplish your goals together.

Areas of Specialty

Boost confidence and motivation to elevate performance & effectiveness.

Gain clarity on what’s most important and prioritize goals.

Career Development & Management
From ideation – to strategy – to implementation.

Relationship Building
Create and strengthen relationships – with oneself and/or others.

Communication Effectiveness
Tailor messages and approach to maximize impact.

Develop a Growth Mindset
See and think bigger by expanding beliefs of what’s possible & achievable. 

Break Perpetual Patterns
Fix what’s not working.

Time Management & Efficiency
Increase productivity and balance.

My Commitments

      1. 1

        Support you in creating a clear vision & action oriented step-by-step game plan to achieve your goals.

      2. 2

        Hold you accountable to your goals & commitments, even when you want to renegotiate, or are sliding off track.

      3. 3

        Cheer you on and support you every step of the way. Provide an objective point of view, and help you see additional perspectives & possibilities.

      4. 4

        Monitor your performance, offering feedback, and course correction (on your approach, mindset, and/or behavior).


Co-create your desired results by implementing proven methods & sustainable practices – it’s what the work is all about!

  • Mark's an encouraging coach. He kept me accountable and I was pushed to create more each week. I was inspired the most to hire Mark as a coach by his own journey - I wanted a coach who had guts, focus and put his all into what he does. If that's the example you're looking for, look no further than Mark Shapiro.

Jordana Reim. Producer, Digital Consultant, & Founder, LetsGo180.com (Los Angeles, CA)

Mark is a master of authenticity, imparting his vision of a vulnerable and authentic world to those around him. I am amazed at his ability to cut to the chase and give clarity to when life circumstances cloud my better judgement. His coaching techniques have supported me to excel leaps and bounds when confronted with challenges in business and interpersonal relationships. Thank you Mark for holding me accountable and inspiring me to lead a more fulfilling, present, and impactful life. 

Marc F. CEO, Tech Company (Venice, CA)

"Mark is an incredible coach - anyone would be lucky to work with him."

Lewis Howes. New York Times Best Seller, Host of The School of Greatness

Words cannot express how grateful I am for Mark’s coaching services. Mark was able to help me see a higher version of myself and provided me practical strategies on attaining that. He has an incredible ability to bring out the best of you. I would recommend Mark to help you in your business endeavors, career options, and relationships. He will be that force in your life to help you be successful, absolutely no regrets working with Mark.

Calvin Poon. Pharmacist (Toronto, Canada)

Coaching Packages

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