2 Keys To Living A NO-BS Life

If you’re like me, you have no time, energy, or space for bullshit.


And while it’s easy to judge and call out others on theirs, it’s a lot harder to own up to our own. And that’s why most people (myself included) spend their lives being their own worst enemy and critic, creating all sorts of self-imposed limits that stifle our happiness and ability to achieve what we want most.


In this week’s episode of the Are You Being Real Podcast, I sit down with master-coach and author, Lauren Zander. Having co-founded a premier coaching organization (The “Handel Group”), working with Fortune 500 companies, thousands of individual clients, and having their methodology taught at prestigious institutions such as MIT & Stanford, Lauren believes that the key to living a no-bullshit life begins with two principles:


•Be clear on what you want in all areas of your life (exercise below)
•Identify the ways you’re getting in your own way of that vision


If you’re ready to learn more about living bullshit-free, tune into Episode 195 of Are You Being Real. Lauren and I take a deep dive into the not-so-obvious ways we get in our own way, how to deal with our internal dialogue, why we lie, and how to own our ‘freak flags.’ I’m confident you’ll come away with new wisdom and insights, and really enjoy this episode!


Wishing you a beautiful and bullshit-free week!


Much love,


PS: As we work on our own dreams, it’s important to make time to help others on their journey as well. Next week, I’ll be sitting down with Sebastian Terry, creator of 100 Things and founder of Kindsum to talk about helping others and having the courage to ask for help. Stay tuned!





Write down your vision for what you want in each of the areas listed below.
The more specific, the better. Include imagery and write everything out as if it’s already happening (“I run everyday,” not “I will begin to run three days a week”).