54 SARK – How to Live A Succulent & Compromise-Free Life



SARK has lived an epic life, filled with great adversity, amazing accomplishments, and of course, incredible stories.

She is a best selling author (with more than 2 million books sold!), transformative teacher, and beacon of love that will make you SMILE throughout this entire episode. We discuss SARK’s life, her new book, Succulent Wild Love (co-written with her fiancee, Dr. John Waddell), and what authenticity means to her.

So let’s give it up for The One and Only, SARK.

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“It is scary and intense to be human.”

Show Notes:

  • What one set of clothes SARK would wear on a trip around the world
  • About her newest book Succulent Wild Love
  • Why SARK and John have postponed their wedding
  • What happened to the publishing of their book when John was diagnosed with cancer
  • How she first met and fell in love with John
  • How people are like succulent plants
  • What authenticity means to her
  • What micro-truth telling is
  • How do you embrace feelings when you get scared
  • What our inner critic is and why it is not bad

“We are all afraid that our feelings will get larger if we pay attention to them. It’s actually the opposite; our feelings are only wanting our love and attention and they don’t need much.”

  • How her inner dialogue has changed when she did transformation work
  • How to be more loving to yourself
  • How to communicate your sexual desires with your partner
  • What impression management is and how people love our “flaws” the most
  • All about the pathways to her calling and why she has had so many jobs
  • What it was like for SARK to opt out of the money system for a number of years
  • Why every single change in your life is always for the better

Question of The Week:

How well and deeply am I loving myself?

Exercise of The Week:

Look in mirror for 5 minutes and I say I love you repeatedly and notice how you feel and what comes up – with the goal to drop the mask.

 “When you don’t tend to inner critics, it is like leaving toddlers in a kitchen with sharp knives.”

Links Mentioned:

“We all have the opportunity to live like full cups of self love, and sharing the overflow with our partner and the world.”

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