56 John Halcyon Styn – The Value of Self-Expression

John Halcyon Styn

John Halcyon Styn has made a life of creativity and self-expression.

He shares his story in this interview, recorded from his home in San Diego. We cover how Burning Man influenced him, how he lived with webcams in his house for a few years, and how he started the Hug Nation and First Saturdays projects.

So let’s give it up for The One and Only, John Halcyon Styn.

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“As I share everything and own my insecurities, I rob my opponents from hurting me.”

Show Notes:

  • Why he always wears pink
  • How there are two sides to his personality and why he chose the name Halcyon
  • About the beauty of flowing between personality states
  • Our experiences with ecstatic dance
  • What being real means to John
  • Why authenticity is a lifelong path
  • How he landed a show at NBC after living an alternative lifestyle
  • Why he gave up his dream of being an artist in college and how he rekindled that flame
  • How the Internet and Burning Man helped him decide to become an artist and creator again

“The magnitude of our expression is irrelevant, it’s the authenticity that’s important.”

  • How the Internet allowed him to show more and more of his authentic self
  • What the value of self expression really is
  • Why we are here on this world to create
  • How we don’t have to have a big audience in order to be creative
  • Why he lived with 24/7 web cams in his house for two and a half years
  • How he started Hug Nation and what it is
  • About his project First Saturdays
  • How he practices gratitude
  • The mantra that John uses to make decisions
  • How his grandfather affected him

 “The walk of a modern warrior is not fighting dragons, it’s in finding your truth and dealing with whatever that leads to.”

Links Mentioned:

 Facebook | Twitter | Website | YouTube

 “When you allow yourself to be real, you allow yourself a channel into that energy that is deeper than your ego mind and into creativity.”

Truth Challenge:

  1. John once said “I tend to be very good at being in the moment. But much worse at remembering moments.” What do you think that is all about?
  2. Do you care what other people think about you and what is your relationship with rejection?
  3. What is your decision making code?
  4. If your grandfather was in front of you right now, what message would you relay to one another?
  5. Why were you put on this earth?

 “By expressing myself, I allow myself to create a category of one, so it didn’t matter what other people did, i could always be the best at being me and win no matter what.”

Question of The Week:

  • Am I present, am I in alignment with what’s real to me, and am I acting from love?”

Exercise of The Week:

  • Throw a theme party for your friends where everyone dresses up as their best-self or superhero-self.

“The way we express ourselves is a magically divine force and the gift of our existence.”

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