57 Jake Ducey – How to be Courageous

Jake Ducey

Jake Ducey is a motivational speaker and author who has some amazing stories to tell from his short life so far.

He gets real in this episode and talks about his near-death experiences, why traveling the world didn’t fix his problems, and how smiling is so important.

So let’s give it up for The One and Only, Jake Ducey.

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“It’s more about persistence than talent a lot of the time.”

Show Notes:

  • How Jake grew up as a jock and thought sports were the only thing he’d ever do
  • The issues he had in high school and why he decided to run away and travel
  • About the near-death experiences that have shaped him
  • What confronting yourself looks and feels like
  • The value of being tenacious
  • How to make a favorable impression with a stranger or business target

“Relationships develop when we engage in authentic and unique ways.”

  • How publishers didn’t want to publish his book at first
  • The incredible story of how Jake met Jack Canfield
  • The difference between creating career capital and short term success
  • His own relationship relationship with money
  • How are “croc” brain effects everything that we feel and experience
  • Why he has a chapter in his new book that is all about smiling

 “Smile and ask weird engaging questions.”

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Question of The Week:

Choose how much money you want to make (for this example – $1 million) and ask yourself the question “How can I create that quantity (i.e. $1 million) of value?”

Exercise of The Week:

In the next 48 hours, go approach someone that caught your attention and have a conversation.

“I read books over and over. That’s how you actually learn the book.”


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