A Great Tool For Dealing With Tough Situations

Life has its fair share of annoying moments and challenges.


When we are in the middle of them, it’s easy to respond accordingly…


1. Take the situation super seriously (or lose our sh*t entirely) which causes a whole slew of additional problems such as wasted energy, strained relationships, and an overall sense of ‘Why the f*ck is this happening to me?’


2. Deflect, avoid, and pretend our problems don’t exist altogether, which usually doesn’t make them go away (and often makes them worse over time).


What if, instead of falling into either trap, we chose to adopt a mindset and speak our truth in a way that incorporates just the right amount of levity and humor?


On Episode 183 of the Are You Being Real Podcast, I interview comedian extraordinaire, Ben Morrison. One thing I love about Ben is that he is a master of turning a frustrating life situation (such as developing Crohn’s Disease as a kid) into side-splitting bits of comedy. But his comedy isn’t empty; it’s insightful, real, and relatable.


By speaking his truth with a dose of comedy, he has not only helped himself become better at navigating tough situations but inspired many people to bring their challenges into the open and transform them into opportunities to power forward, heal, and connect with others.


You have the power to do the same.


If you enjoy laughing and smiling and are curious to hear how Ben injects comedy into some of life’s more annoying situations, tune in to our podcast discussion.


Much laughter and love,



PS: If you’d like to see Ben do stand-up, he’s hosting a new monthly series at The Hollywood Laugh Factory (details below). I went last week and SNL legend David Spade was the headliner…it was as-billed, SUPERFUNNY!