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MakeYourMarkToday.com is a place for Authenticity –  supporting, acknowledging, & learning from those who are living their purpose & on a mission to make the world a better place for all.  Home of The One & Only Podcast.

The objective is to recognize amazing people, share inspiring stories & life hacks, and support those who are committed to being real with themselves and others. 

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Mark Shapiro

A former marketing director at Showtime Networks Inc., Mark left his six figure corporate job and is on a mission to inspire and empower 100,000 people to be true to themselves and “live an epic life they’re proud of.”  He is the Host of The One & Only Podcast on iTunes, the founder of soon to be released AreYouBeingReal.com, and a heralded transformational trainer, coach, and speaker – with a speciality & focus in authenticity & being real. 

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Life Coach brings Authenticity to the Forefront with the The One & Only Podcast


Make Your Mark Today and Be YOU Authenticity Workshop founder, Mark Shapiro, launched The One & Only Podcast on iTunes.  Designed to make authenticity the newest go-to resource, Shapiro uses personable interviews with influencers to evoke & inspire.


Venice, CA – May 14, 2015 – In an age where conforming is too oftenThe One and Only Show Art 1400 rewarded, a new dynamic voice changes the weary landscape one podcast at a time.  Mark Shapiro, founder of Make Your Mark Today and the Be YOU authenticity workshops, launched The One & Only podcast.  Designed to elevate listeners with engaging conversation ripe with thought provoking content, the podcast has heart and a wealth of information & tips.  Not afraid of sensitive topics about life’s obstacles & pressures, Shapiro uses vulnerability & humor to get the point across, which has led to growing subscriptions.

Launched on April 6th, the free podcast on iTunes has already been featured in four New & Noteworthy categories.  It’s a popular choice in the Health, Education, Self-Help, and Religion & Spirituality niches.  It’s making waves on SoundCloud as well.

Produced by Freedom Podcasting (The Tim Ferriss Show; The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes) each One & Only episode features an inspiring guest or topic.  Guests include influencers like Vincent Kartheiser from the hit AMC show Mad Men.  Kartheiser talks about what it means to be real in true life while playing a famous character on screen.  Other interviews include celebrity photographer Nick Onken who discusses what he calls “idea sex.”  Subscribers also hear former MTV TRL host Quddus Philippe, music manager Jake Udell (Krewella), humanitarian Alexi Panos, among many more.

Sharing empowering messages in an entertainingly supportive way Shapiro said of The One & Only podcast, “I’ve coached hundreds of people in hot pursuit of what they want most.  It’s allowed them to increase their overall level of effectiveness, drive extraordinary results, & feel an increased level of joy & fulfillment.  Now this podcast allows me to broaden my reach and impact more of the seven billion people that populate our planet.  Though we’re many, there’s only one of each of us.  Hence, the podcast’s name.”

A former marketing director at Showtime Networks Inc., Shapiro left corporate America on a mission to inspire and empower 100,000 people to be true to themselves and “live an epic life they’re proud of.”  Talking the talk and walking the walk, the self-described “authenticity enthusiast, coach, consultant, vocal Alzheimer’s disease advocate, DJ, and friend to many,” spends his time pursuing his greatest passions.

Subscriber Jay Louis said of the inspirational podcast, “I stumbled upon this podcast through the iTunes New and Noteworthy section, and I must say it’s the best I have heard in quite a while, which is refreshing. Authenticity, it’s a commonly used word but what does it really mean in the context of life? The host, Mark, has really engaging guests from all walks of life to discuss what authenticity means to them, and what a range of responses there are! My favorite being Vincent, a well known actor on Mad Men. The podcasts are engaging, educational, and thought-provoking. Highly recommended for anyone active in life, striving to be their best self.”

For more information or to book Mark Shapiro for a speaking engagement visit www.makeyourmarktoday.com.

About Mark Shapiro:

Mark Shapiro is the founder of Make Your Mark Today and the Be YOU authenticity workshops. Providing life coaching and consulting services, Shapiro empowers his audiences with entertaining motivational messages.  Further facilitating that purpose, he now celebrates the launch of his iTunes podcast, The One & Only.

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To listen to The One & Only podcast on iTunes and Soundcloud visit makeyourmarktoday.com/itunes and soundcloud.com/makeyourmarktoday.


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