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Lessons From The Lion King

I love movies.    They give us new ways of looking at the world, and the more we dig into a film, the more we can glean from it. One movie that’s always been close to my heart is The Lion King. And I think this year’s remake is just as magical as the original. Not only was it… Read more »

When Experiencing Tough Times, Do This.

Here’s a pattern l’ve experienced a countless amount of times…. My life will be absolutely amazing and I’ll feel like I have found my groove and am in the flow…and then suddenly, one change in circumstance will set me in the opposite direction.  And when that happens, I’ll start feeling bad about my new/current situation, which will lead… Read more »

How To Live A FOMO-Free Life

I did a poll on my Instagram this week about FOMO and was surprised to see that 81% of the participants said they experience FOMO…

12+ Ways To Deepen Your Connections

  What would your life look like, and how would you feel, if you had more fulfilling relationships with your friends, family, and colleagues?   We all intuitively understand the importance of connecting with others, and yet we often times let relationships decay (by falling out of touch), distance ourselves out of fear/insecurity (by being guarded), or only… Read more »

A Chance To Say Thanks

“If you could give credit or thanks to one person in your life that you DON’T give enough credit or thanks to… who would that be?” This is the question that Chris Schembra, Founder of 747 Club, asks at every one of his acclaimed 747 dinner parties, and it consistently inspires heartfelt shares, connection, and tears… Read more »

The Power of Asking Yourself Great Questions

    According to Dr. Joe Dispenza, 95% of who we are is a memorized set of behaviors, emotional reactions, and hard-wired beliefs.    Whether you see this as a good thing, bad thing, or disagree entirely, our automatic thoughts and behaviors are here to keep us safe and are essential for maintaining previously learned… Read more »

How To Address Your Blindspots

If your life was a movie, what would you see?   What would be the highs, lows, and what would be the common struggle or theme that keeps popping up?   In most movies, the protagonist (aka the hero character) experiences many challenges and dramatic events, but it’s not the events themselves that change the hero, it’s… Read more »

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How To See Your Blindspots

“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.”– Bill Gates   I’m always on the lookout for new ways to improve.  That’s why I love reading books, watching TED talks, and recording my podcast every week. And while these tools are great and give me a good handle of what I need to… Read more »

Dare To Be Real!

I believe that our level of happiness and fulfillment are directly correlated to how real and authentic we choose to be with ourselves and those around us. But with societal pressures, the expectations of others, and the deeply human desire to project a perfect image, being real and authentic isn’t always the obvious choice on a moment by moment basis. So… Read more »

Starting Fresh

No one is exempt from occasionally feeling dissatisfied, unfulfilled, or like major life changes are needed.  Whether you’ve gone through a life-altering shake-up (like a financial disaster/break-up/death/health issue/career disappointment), or you simply know you needed to change your approach, starting over is never easy…even if you know that there’s a good chance it will change… Read more »