The Ideal Workplace

With over 10 years of management, training, sales, marketing & finance experience – including the launch of my own brand/business, and 10+ years in a leadership role at Showtime Networks, Inc. running a $100M+ annual business – I love supporting companies in taking their business to the next level.

Invest in your short and long term success.

Areas of Specialty


Creating An Authentic Culture
Bring more of what’s real and authentic into your workplace, leveraging the individual talents and personalities of your employees, while increasing moral, and improving communication.

Authentic Brand Building
Create a multi-dimensional authentic brand – from consumer facing branding/advertising via your website, social media, email marketing, to building direct response marketing tactics, sales funnels, and ultimately a positive customer experience.

Inspire Your Team
Increase motivation & productivity, improve teamwork, and create alignment on a united goal or purpose.

Identify New Opportunities
Facilitate ideation sessions, give you tools to expand your client base, and review analysis.

Implement Operational Efficiencies
Assess what is working and not working, and support you in making large or subtle shifts in strategy that will yield improvements and growth.


  • Mark's an encouraging coach. He kept me accountable and I was pushed to create more each week. I was inspired the most to hire Mark as a coach by his own journey - I wanted a coach who had guts, focus and put his all into what he does. If that's the example you're looking for, look no further than Mark Shapiro.

Jordana Reim. Producer, Digital Consultant, & Founder, (Los Angeles, CA)

Mark is a master of authenticity, imparting his vision of a vulnerable and authentic world to those around him. I am amazed at his ability to cut to the chase and give clarity to when life circumstances cloud my better judgement. His coaching techniques have supported me to excel leaps and bounds when confronted with challenges in business and interpersonal relationships. Thank you Mark for holding me accountable and inspiring me to lead a more fulfilling, present, and impactful life. 

Marc F. CEO, Tech Company (Venice, CA)

"Mark is an incredible coach - anyone would be lucky to work with him."

Lewis Howes. New York Times Best Seller, Host of The School of Greatness


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