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The One & Only Podcast

[/heading][fancy-ul icon_type=”standard_dash” icon=”icon-glass” color=”Accent-Color” enable_animation=”true”]There are over 7 billion people, but only 1 of each of us. The One & Only podcast is all about celebrating authenticity, delving below the surface to explore ways that we can be real with ourselves & others while navigating through life’s obstacles & pressures. Each show features an inspiring guest or topic – and can be found on, itunes, SoundCloud, & Stitcher. Are you being real?


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Coaching, Be You Workshops, and Speaking Engagements


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I love being in service and supporting others, and have coached hundreds of people to pursue what they want most, increase their overall level of effectiveness, and drive the extraordinary results they are committed to achieving.  

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For one on one life coaching, or to book Be YOU trainings and speaking engagements, please submit inquiries here. I’d love to work with you and/or your team.  Prices are negotiable based on my time & availability.

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Everybody needs a coach. Every famous athlete, every famous performer has somebody who is coach — somebody who can say ‘Is that what you really meant?’ and give them perspective. The one thing people are not really good at is seeing themselves as others see them. A coach really, really helps.”
-CEO of Google Eric Schmidt


Most Recent Podcast Episodes


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Be You: The Key to Maximizing Your Potential & a Life of Fulfillment

What is This?

This powerful & thought provoking 2 -2.5 hour authenticity workshop will delve into what it means to be real and honor your truth in a world with so many external influences & pressures.

When is the course?

Stay tuned for additional workshop dates, and be the first to know when signing up for my newsletter.

To book a private workshop, please contact me directly at 

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In this workshop you will:

  • Celebrate the unique gift you are to the world
  • Assess your life today in relation to your greatest dreams & aspirations
  • Work together with a group of inspired & inspiring individuals to explore/discover best authenticity practices & get support/guidance in creating the life of your dreams
  • Have the opportunity to ground yourself & make declarations about the life you are committed to living; leaving the workshop clear, empowered & motivated to create tangible results in your life (in the most important areas!) the life you want to live


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In this workshop you will not:

  • Be fake
  • Feel like you need to please your parents or anyone else