Mark Shapiro

Episode 100 - January 17, 2017


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It’s here - the 100th episode of The One & Only. Whether this is your first or one hundredth time tuning in, thank YOU for coming with me on this journey. Join me as I reflect upon the lessons I’ve learned about authenticity and vulnerability over the past two years, highlight some of the best nuggets of wisdom from past episodes, and give listeners a behind the scenes peek into the workings of The One & Only. 


Show Notes:

-The four major blocks to authenticity in our world

-Why sharing just the highlight real of life can be harmful

-How we lie to ourselves about our full potential

-Why external accountability is important and effective

-How to get comfortable with uncertainty

-What are your measures of success?

-Why it's important to check in with yourself

-How to lead the way with openness and vulnerability

-The four choices we have at the end of the day

-The One & Only: a behind the scenes peek 


Links Mentioned:

-Winning Weeks


Question of The Week:
Are you being REAL?

Episode Quotes

“Lead the way with openness and vulnerability. It starts with you.”


“We’re lying to ourselves about our full potential. We settle for good enough versus truly extraordinary.”


“In any moment we can either choose our vision or our fear.”


“Lean into what you try not to think about or are pretending not to know.”


“We can choose whichever perspective we want to adopt, which story we want to subscribe to, and apply to our lives.”