Adam Gilad

Episode 185 - August 28, 2018


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Some of life's biggest regrets revolve around our authenticity and our relationships. The choice of what and who we choose to give our time, attention, and love to can profoundly affect us and have long-lasting consequences, which is why it's a good idea to assess where you at and where you want to go. It's time to have the courage to free yourself of any relationship that isn't meeting your expectation or inspiring you to live your 'higher game.'

Adam Gilad has had to do just that many time in his life in order to live inspired and to truly be supported in his great vision.  He's an inspiring speaker, writer, producer, and relationship expert that embodies the word 'boldness,' especially when it comes to finding and cultivating the relationships of his dreams. If you want to learn how to live the 'higher game' and live more boldly in your life, tune in to this episode!


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Show Notes:

-How Adam came up with the name for his hot tub.

-An important way Adam identifies "who is not his person."

-How speaking his truth has affected Mark's dating life.

-The definition of love.

-What to do if your partner is on a shitty path.

-Why Adam admires LeBron James

-How to establish healthy boundaries in your relationships.

-The definition 'boldness' and the differences between inner and outer boldness.

-What it means to "sit in your soul."


Links mentioned:
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21 Laws of Boldness by Adam Gilad (book)
59 Seconds by Richard Wiseman (book)
Still Here by Ram Dass (book)
Mastery by Robert Greene (book)
Brene Brown (all her books)
The Bold Man Summit
The Higher Game

Episode Quotes

“Your authenticity is never being challenged; it’s always available to you.”


“Don’t be messy with your boundaries.”


“You want to choose someone that has your interest at heart.”


“Love is wanting the person you love to succeed in life according to their narrative, not yours.”


“To validate someone’s being is a skill.”


“You’ve got to serve yourself first.”


“If you’re not on course to your own fulfillment in your own life, you’re going to be a shitty partner.”


“Life is a journey of healing.”


“Boldness is the courage to get free and stay free.”


“Heal your wounds so that they bleed gold.”


“Stay curious.”