Adam Gilad

Episode 128 - August 1, 2017


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Adam Gilad is a bestselling author, Emmy nominated producer, screenwriter, and entrepreneur. Adam has a following of over 80,000 people who look to him for dating and relationship advice, and he works to help men and women create love and live bold and inspired lives. Join us for today’s episode as we dive into the topics of ongoing personal evolution, self-awareness, confidence in relationships, and why when we think we know who we are, we really don’t.


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Show Notes:

-Why everyone is a verb

-How Adam first started helping people connect online

-The different languages that men and women speak in online dating

-Why it’s important to expand your perspective

-What Adam calls a mid-life crisis

-Why Adam leads international trip

-How to keep evolving yourself

-The importance of self-awareness

-How to build confidence and authenticity in relationships

-What Adam’s Smart Dater’s Academy can teach you



Links Mentioned:

-Visit Adam's website

-Join Adam's Smart Dater's Academy

-Listen to Adam's podcast

-Read Wired for Love by Stan Tatkin

-Get your Organifi Green Juice today


Question of The Week:

Are you being real about living the life you actually want to live?

Episode Quotes

“You're not a thing - you are verb.”


“If you really go deep, you shake your foundations - the BS you’ve been running on all your life.”


“Confidence is a result, not an action.”


“When you are in relationship, you need to be authentic to your inner experience as it changes.”


“Everyone is on a journey of healing.”


“What makes people happy is their core relationships.”


“Life is a feast of pleasures, enjoy it!”


"There is no end to emergence."


“I have life, it’s an unusual thing in this universe.”