Adam Roa

Episode 154 - Jan 30, 2018


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In this episode we sit down with Adam Roa to discuss his new book Cosmic Philosophy: A Month in the Light. Adam Roa is a spoken word poet, a filmmaker, a coach, and the host of the Deep Dive podcast. In today’s conversation we discuss his process for writing Cosmic Philosophy, why he didn’t edit, and how he has learned to follow his intuition and allow life to flow.


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Show Notes:

-The truth about truth

-Why Adam leans into creative self-expression

-Where our personal philosophies come from

-Adam’s process for writing Cosmic Philosophy

-How to exercise your intuition muscle

-The relativity of time…and how to control it

-How to build your own harmony compass

-Does multitasking really save time?


Links Mentioned:

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-Listen to The Deep Dive with Adam Roa

-Get your Are You Being Real? merch

-Listen to Episode 103 with Adam Roa


Episode Quotes

“Free will is our greatest superpower.”


“You have choice in every single moment: how you choose to feel.”


“Clothing is an opportunity to embody our inner in our outer world.”


“Intuition is a tool — your ability to use that tool strengthens the more you use it.”


“Anything that you can conceptualize in this moment is a limitation.”


“The more aware we are of each and every moment, the more control we have over our experience of time.”


“Your superpowers are there for you in the present moment, because that’s all there actually is.”