Adam Ward

Episode 86 - October 11, 2016


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Adam Ward is a pro LEGO artist. Yes, LEGO, the kid’s toy. He turned his childhood passion for building with LEGO into his adult livelihood. Adam builds murals and LEGO creations for big-name clients, and his YouTube show, BRICK X BRICK, has over 1 million views. Today we chat about the roundabout path that brought him back to LEGO after a ten year hiatus, the challenges he’s faced along the way, and the life goals that keep him putting the pieces together.


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Show Notes:

-How Adam thinks about his biracial identity

- When he first played with LEGO

- How he turned his passion for LEGO into his career

- How his Youtube show came to be

- The challenges he’s faced turning his art into a business

- How he deals with other people's judgments of him

- The biggest and hardest builds he’s done

- How his life goals have changed over time

- What’s real for Adam?

- Adam’s breathing exercise: breathe in for 4 seconds, hold for 7 seconds, exhale for 6 seconds


Links Mentioned:


-SoulPancake - BRICK X BRICK


Episode Quotes

“We’re not that different, people are people are people.”


“We may be wearing different body suits, but we are all one.”


“The things we abandon our peaceful state for are often super trivial and silly.”


“Look at life as an activity and actively participate because you are in the driver’s seat.”


“Use the tools you have to create the life you want to lead.”


“I try to inject some sort of fun or levity into everything.”


“The motivation of what is inside of us and what makes us excited — that is better than any alarm clock.”


“I'm not interested in comfort, I’m interested in happiness, and I think that’s very different than comfort.”