Alex Echols

Episode 232 - July 23, 2019


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As far as we know, we only have One Life to live.


In an ideal world, we would all demonstrate our appreciation for our bodies and minds by treating them in the best way possible. But sometimes, it takes confronting a life-threatening giant (like cancer) to light a fire under our rear and make the necessary changes to keep on going.


Alex Echols had to do just that. After doctors detected cancer in his system, he shifted his mindset and adopted an attitude of gratitude for his relationships, his health, and his life. He was able to make it through chemotherapy and now chooses to make the most of his One Life. Gratitude has become his most important daily practice.


To hear how he overcame this challenge that so many people succumb to and how we can also cultivate a life-changing habit of living in gratitude, check out Episode 232!



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Show Notes:

-How shifting his mindset and adopting an attitude of gratitude helped him overcome cancer.

-What authenticity means to Alex.

-How he used to spend his time vs how he spends it now.

-How travel helps change your perspective.

-Why he wants to have a family more than anything.

-What he wants everyone to do every day as they look into a mirror.


Things to check out:
Book: "The Two Week Notice" by Alex Echols
• Episode 227: Seeing & Addressing Your Blindspots
• Alex's DJ page on SoundCloud [COMING SOON]

Episode Quotes

"I am good enough."


“Crying is a symbol that I’m in a liberated and flowing place.”


“I don’t need to be perfect to enjoy my life or be happy.”


“I want to be able to create and curate a legacy that lives on.”