Amirose Eisenbach

Episode 104 - February 14, 2017


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Amirose Eisenbach is a writer, producer, and the founder of Radiant J. Productions. She works to support aspiring artists and to bring people together in the name of art, mindfulness, and community. Today’s episode is all about having the courage to live authentically in both your personal and professional life and the unique challenges that each area brings. Tune in for a conversation that will leave you inspired to bravely pursue your unique truth.


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Show Notes:

-The difference between an event and an experience

-The importance of finding people with parallel visions to yours

-Why asking for help is important

-What your body knows

-How tragedy can be a catalyst for positive change

-Why we need to be more vocal and specific when asking for support

-The challenges of authenticity in romantic relationships

-Dating apps… can they lead to authentic connection?

-How we get in our own way

-Why it is important to prioritize self care


Links Mentioned:

-Radiant J. Productions

-Indie Soul Event / FB Invite / Eventbrite

-Sign up to attend Mark's FREE Authenticity Workshop


Question of The Week:

Are you being real about the cravings of your heart?

Episode Quotes

“You can’t help others until you really help yourself."


“You can get through anything as long as you are being real with where you are at and learn to ask for help.”


“You can live the life you've always dreamed of if you have the courage to chase it.”


“You deserve everything and you can have it as long as you do it with truth, authenticity, and stand for something meaningful.”


“I search for the kind of passion that forces me to close my eyes.”


“Meet people at the intersection of vulnerability & intellect.”


“If you are being authentic, you can show everyone all sides of you, and that's beautiful.”


“Real art takes ahold of you and leaves you the way it wants to leave you.”


“You have to define what success means for yourself.”


"There is no guarantee of tomorrow. Do it now."