Andrew Horn

Episode 161 - Mar 20, 2018


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Andrew Horn is a social entrepreneur, a speaker, and the founder of Tribute, a company that makes it easy for communities to create video montages to show appreciation for one another on any occasion. In today’s episode Andrew shares how learning to effectively communicate has enabled him to lead a life of entrepreneurship and service. We discuss why effective communication is the #1 indicator of success and how showing appreciation for others can improve your overall quality of life. Tune in to learn Andrew's go-to questions to build meaningful connection with a key funder, a new friend, or your next romantic interest.

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Show Notes:

-Where the idea for Tribute came from

-Gratitude loops… The gift that keeps giving

-Tips on the art of acknowledgment

-Why effective communication is key

-How what you struggled with growing up can help you serve others

-Andrew’s go-to questions to build meaningful connection

-The importance of follow-up questions

-Questions to ask yourself before a high-pressure social interaction

-V.A.S.T… The secret to meaningful relationships


Links Mentioned:

-Make a Tribute

-Watch Andrew's TEDx talk

-Sign up for Winning Weeks


Episode Quotes

“Have a love affair with your breath.”


"The biggest indicator of your health is your social ties.”


“When you share your appreciation for someone else, they are not only more likely to reciprocate that sentiment of appreciation back to you, but also to someone else in your greater community.”


“If you have anything nice to say, say it all.”


“If you could not fail, what would you do next?”


“When you push aside the relationships that are not serving you, you make space for the ones that do.”