Annabel Acton

Episode 92 - November 22, 2016


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Annabel Acton is the founder and CEO of, a quirky online platform that helps people move on after breakups. Annabel is an entrepreneur who loves looking at the world with a touch of humor and encouraging others to do the same. Join us for a conversation that will help you connect with your own silly side and inspire you to lead a more playful and creative life.


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Show Notes:

-The evolution of

-How our worst moments can bring about positive change

-When Annabel realized that she was in charge of her own happiness

-How to identify your own strengths and not copy others

-Why play and silliness are important

-What you can gain from breaking your ordinary routine

-Why it’s important to talk about your unfinished ideas

-Why relationships that don’t work out aren’t failures

-The false expectations society places on romantic relationships

-A lesson for entrepreneurs… What you’re doing right now doesn’t need to make sense


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Question of The Week:

Are you being real about what you measure?

Episode Quotes

“Figure out your strengths and own them.”


“All we really have is our relationships and who we keep close to us.”


“Don’t only talk about other people and events, talk about your own ideas.”


“Share your ideas early and often, build and jam.”


“There are so many ways to be creative, make time to create.”


“If I have a wish for the world at large, it’s that everyone could be a teeny bit sillier.”


“Most of the answers to the things you need lie in your gut.”


“There’s power in changing up your ordinary.”


“Creativity is a habit. The more you practice it, the more you do it.”