Benjamin Rolnik

Episode 102 - January 31, 2017


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Benjamin Rolnik is the founder of Integral Fitness and Star Lab and the host of Conscious Family Dinners in LA. He is a true student of life and believes that everything we want already lives within us, the key is just to unlock it. Join us as we discuss the counterintuitive moments that shaped his awakening, how our thoughts aren’t trustworthy, and why he has an alarm that rings every ten minutes.


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Show Notes:

-The pivotal moments that shaped Ben’s life

-Why he always takes notes

-What happens when you step up to your truth

-How your toughest moments can contribute to someone else’s growth

-How the good and the bad are present in every moment

-Should you believe your thoughts?

-What is pluralistic ignorance?

-The dichotomy of the millennial mindset

-Why excuses can be dangerous when it comes to achieving your goals

-Ben’s 10-minute alarm strategy


Links Mentioned:

-Winning Weeks Mastermind Program


Question of The Week:

Are you being real enough to recognize your own magnificent power to be worthy now?

Episode Quotes

“Nothing is real, it’s all a construct of our beliefs.”


“Everything is a lesson.”


“The whole world is a mirror for me.”


“I get what I want based on what I give.”


“There’s no time we are not in contribution.”


“The greatest power we have is to ask questions, and question things.”


“Pain creates the greatest amount of change.”


“Discipline is being able to recognize a decision as a choice and a sacrifice.”


“What’s good and what’s bad, what’s right and what’s wrong, are always available to us at every moment.”


“We all think that we all need to be billionaires and also save the world.”


“Living an ordinary life is the most extraordinary thing any of us can do.”