Brandon Beachum

Episode 127 - July 25, 2017


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Brandon Beachum is the host of The Positive Head Podcast. In this popular podcast, Brandon learns alongside his listeners as he explores and challenges concepts of spirituality, consciousness, and mysticism. In today’s episode of The One & Only, Mark and Brandon discuss how we are all connected, why there are no selfless acts, and how to recognize if you are in a relationship for the wrong reasons.


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Show Notes:

-What Brandon explores in the Positive Head Podcast

-Why Brandon decided to start a podcast

-Why there are no selfless acts in life

-The pivotal moments in Brandon’s life

-How we are all connected

-Why time is an illusion

-How to recognize the different versions of yourself

-Why self-doubt can be useful

-How to recognize if you are in a relationship for the wrong reasons

-Remember the basics… just breath


Links Mentioned:

-Listen to The Positive Head Podcast

-Check out Abraham-Hicks

-Get your Organifi Green Juice today


Question of The Week:

Are you being real with your romantic relationships?

Episode Quotes

“Set your aim, but let go of all that expectation.”


“If the underlying intention is really pure, you're going to have success on some level.”


“You are always going to get a reflection of what you put out.”


“There are no selfless acts.”


“Everywhere you go, you're there waiting for yourself.”


“The separation between us is an illusion.”


“Self-doubt is a lump of coal meant to be transmitted into a diamond.”


“Be at peace with what is.”


“If you're breathing deeply, you can't be upset and agitated.”


“The separation between you and I is an illusion.”


“You're a spiritual being having a human experience.”


“You want to swim in the vibration of that you want to see more of.”