Bristol Baughan

Episode 94 - December 6, 2016


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Bristol Baughan is the founder of Inner Astronauts, the author of Harnessing Heartbreak, and a private coach. She left her job in the entertainment industry where she wanted to change the world producing movies, to learn that she can change the world through writing, coaching, and with the stories she tells in her mind. Listen in as we discuss how to play the game of life, why it’s important to find fulfillment free from external validation, and how you can let your soul hijack you.


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Show Notes:

-The importance of play and delight

-Why you are in charge of choosing which beliefs to carry

-How to appease your ego and find value internally

-Why Bristol shifted mediums from movies to coaching

-How you can let your soul hijack you

-What is Inner Astronauts?

-How to find your whole and match your innate talent with the world

-Why it’s important to get quiet enough to listen

-The keys to a healthy work life balance

-How the way you are in the bedroom is a window into your relationship with yourself

-Why thinking about vulnerability and being vulnerable are two different things


Links Mentioned:

-Bristol's TEDx Talk

-Orgasmic Meditation

-Winning Weeks


Question of The Week:

Are you being real in bed? Are you being real in the most intimate of spaces?

Episode Quotes

“Play all in. We are here to play. All suffering and pain is part of the experience that helps us wake up to that.”


“We get to choose which beliefs we carry. We get to use them, write them, and re-write them.”


“Your relationship with sex, money, and work are a window into your relationship with yourself. Where are the places you shut off and withdraw?”


“Our inherent essence and nature is angelic, it’s just pure love. We come here to play in the game of separation.”


“I have an ego, I am not my ego. I have a mind, I am not my mind.”


“The body is by far the most efficient tool for knowing what’s real.”


“Likely your purpose has already knocked on your door a number of times. We have just deafened ourselves with busyness.”