Brooke McAlary

Episode 44 - December 22, 2015


5 years ago, Brooke McAlary's life was good - on paper. But she felt empty inside.


Postpartum depression catalyzed a complete change of life for Brooke, and she soon became an advocate for Slow Home Living - removing clutter and complications from your life in order to live more purposefully and concentrate on what is important to you.


She's started an amazingly successful website, blog, and podcast, where she shares what she has learned and how you can do it too. 


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Show Notes:

-The value of Slow Home Living

-How to create space and de-clutter your home

-Establishing rhythm 

-The distinction between balancing and tilting

-Why you should be unapologetic about taking time for yourself


Truth Challenge:

1. What makes you interesting?

2. What do you want but cant justify purchasing/consuming based on your slow home living strategy?

3. Where is the line between having a Slow Home and using it as an excuse to not do things that you want or to take care of certain responsibilities?

4. If you could eliminate one things from your life today, what would it be?

5. What story are you telling yourself about your life?


Links Mentioned:

-Me on Brooke’s show!


-Julia Cameron’s book The Artist's Way

-Zero Waste


Episode Quotes

“Have nothing in your home that isn’t beautiful or meaningful”


“The more real my work is, the more people resonate with it”


“Surround yourself intentionally with things that bring you happiness and joy”