Bryan Reeves

Episode 82 - September 13, 2016


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Bryan Reeves is an author and relationship insight ninja, and he believes we are entering into a new age of authenticity. In this episode, we flow from parts of the human experience that aren’t pretty, to facing your dragons, to how to tell the truth. Mixed with humor (Bryan loves dogs!) and brave authenticity, this episode will help you understand the journey of Being Real.


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Show Notes:

-Why Bryan went into the Air Force

-What men and women need to understand about each other

-Why he is fascinated by the human experience

-How he set on his own journey

-Why so many people are afraid of being vulnerable

-Why he felt lonely for the first 30 years of his life

-How Bryan used dragons as symbols in his book

-When it’s most challenging to be authentic

-3 Steps to telling the truth

Links Mentioned:

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-Tell The Truth, Let the Peace Fall Where it May

-The Sex, Flirting, Dating, Hunting and Hoping Diet



Question of The Week:

What is life wanting to express through me?

Episode Quotes

“We are a messy bag of mixed nuts, insanity & beauty. The more we learn to acknowledge, embrace and dance with that, the more we are fulfilled."


“When we learn to do intimacy well, with another, we save the world, cause we learn the capacity to love.”


“By learning the differences between men and women, opens up a whole new world of partnership.”


“I seek to tell the story of my humanity.”


“We’re always doing what we want to do.”


“We are growing functional thanks to each other’s dysfunctions.”


“Moving through the anxiety of thinking I need to more, to have value or worth, is remembering I don’t.”


“Every moment I am either open or closed to love flowing through me."


“We learn as kids not to tell the truth.”


“Unwillingness to confess the truth of our experience costs us everything.