Burning Man 2016

Episode 83 - September 20, 2016


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I recently returned from my seventh year in a row attending Burning Man. Like every other time, I had the best week of my whole year there. I’ve dedicated this episode to sharing the takeaways from my adventures on the playa. Join in as I reflect on the highlights of my experience, how it was different for me from other years, and why Burning Man is the perfect place to practice Being Real.



Show Notes:

-The intentions I set for Burning Man 2016

-Where I camped this year

-The synchronistic encounters I had

-My experience on a vulnerability panel

-How I’ve grown since my first year at Burning Man

-How Burning Man is different when you’re single

-Why I went with the flow this year

-How I honored myself and my feelings

-How I separated myself from the specific outcome of romantic love

-Why this was the best year yet

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Episode Quotes

“You experience about a year’s worth of emotions in a week at Burning Man.”


“Burning Man finds you exactly where you’re at in your life.”


“This is the first year that I did Burning Man in an abundant state.”


“It’s all about the moment at Burning Man, and seizing it, and it’s really regardless of any past circumstance or accomplishment in one’s life, it’s how you show up in the now.”


“There is nothing more attractive than seeing someone self-expressing confidently.”