Cara Thomas

Episode 155 - Feb 6, 2018


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Have you bought coffee for a complete stranger this week? Asked the happiest couple you know for the meaning of love? Cara Thomas is all about risk taking and living life to the fullest — she’s all about Serenflipity. Tune in to learn how a deck of cards that Cara collected from her friends before she left on a solo adventure around the world changed her life, and how she’s built a business around sharing that experience.


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Show Notes:

-Why Cara lives in 90 day experiments

-The trip that changed Cara’s life

-What is serenflipity?

-Going with the flow v. accountability

-When Cara knew Serenflipity needed to be shared

-What holds people back from taking risks

-The truth about judgement

-How to step out of your comfort zone


Links Mentioned:

-Start flipping!


Episode Quotes

“Get to know someone before jumping to a conclusion.”


“Go with the flow in a purposeful and direct way.”


“Be attached to the journey, not the outcome.”


“On the other side of your fear of judgement, is connection.”


“Allow the best decision to emerge.”


“Be curious & be real.”


“We’re so busy — or we’re on our phones checking Instagram — that we’re missing what’s right in front of us.”