Chris Girbes-Pierce

Episode 197 - November 20, 2018


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Money has been in use for thousands of years. It's interwoven into the very fabric of our society. And while money is a tool everyone can learn to master, we each have a very different relationship with it.


Are you being real about your relationship with money?
Chris Girbes-Pierce wants you to be.


Even though Chris's childhood experience with money could easily be described as "bleak, challenging, and negative," that didn't stop Chris from studying the ins and outs of the financial world and becoming financially successful. Today, as a certified financial planner and as a partner at AdvicePeriod, he helps hundreds of people create a plan and vision for their financial well-being and helps them execute on it.


If you're ready to start talking about and managing your money, tun into Episode Episode 197 of Are You Being Real.  Chris sits down with Mark to discuss childhood experiences that shaped his first opinions about money, challenges he's faced on the road to financial abundance, the keys to being happy regardless of your socioeconomic status, and other tried-and-true practical advice you can begin to implement today!


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Show Notes:

-Childhood experiences that shaped Chris's first associations with money.

-Struggles he encountered on the road to creating financial abundance.

-How his best friend's father influenced his future.

-How worthiness played into his life.

-Common themes Chris has seen about people's relationship to money.

-Why money does not equate to happiness.

-How Mark dealt with guilt surrounding financial privilege.

-The key to being happy and fulfilled no matter where you are on the socioeconomic scale.

-The importance of intentional spending.

-Chris's take on financial goal setting.

-The most fulfilling acknowledgment Chris can receive as a financial planner.



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Episode Quotes

"People's relationship to money starts early on."


"Don't be so hard on yourself. We're all experiencing the same stuff, even if we're on different socioeconomic levels."


"Happiness and fulfillment is a spiritual practice."


"My job is about eleviating fear and anxiety."


"Money does not equal happiness."


"We all need to be more intentional about all the spending we're doing."


"What's going to have a far greater impact on the success or failure of your financial plan is the level of saving/spending that your doing."


"It’s up to me to give, to be generous, to be compassionate."


"Nobody can predict the future."