Chris Sams

Episode 219 - April 23, 2019


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According to a 2018 report by the CDC, only 23% of Americans are getting the bare minimum recommended amount of exercise. But thanks to individuals willing to go the distance, teach others, and set the example for the rest of us, more people are seeing that it's possible to actually lead a healthy lifestyle and achieve the goals you thought were impossible.


Meet Chris Sams, one of the few people to run ALL the way across America. Starting in Baltimore, MD, he ran all the way to Coronado Beach in San Diego, CA in just under five months. And he stopped along the way to teach families and individuals about the importance of movement, nutrition, and living a healthy life.


And in Episode 219, Mark sits down with Chris to talk about the deep lessons he took away from running and helping these families along the way, the importance of incorporating breathwork into your routines, how to approach your big goals, and why he's focus today revolves around optimizing "LYFE" (Living Your Fullest Expression).


To learn what kept him going all those months on the road and what you can do to tackle your own audacious goals, write down your idea and tune into Episode 219!





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Show Notes:

-How he ran across America and the big lesson he learned.

-How Chris tackles big goals.

-How Chris decides whether he needs to give tough love or compassion towards his training clients.

-Essential elements for a healthy lifestyle.

-Why everyone should practice "holotropic breathwork."

-The importance of LYFE (living your full expression).

Episode Quotes

“It’s not in the destination. It’s all in the journey.”


“When you write something down, it’s like planting the seed.”


“Focus on collecting that ‘W’ each day.”


“You’ll never regret the time you take for self-improvement.”


“Breathing is the foundation of life.”


“Everything stays the same until you try something different.”