Chris Schembra

Episode 229 - July 2, 2018


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What's the key to talking to anyone, have them open up, and create real life-changing connection with others?
Just ask Chris Schembra.



Chris Schembra is a keynote speaker, Broadway Producer, sought-after dinner host, and superstar relationships expert. But when he was younger, he always felt overlooked and like he was the last one to get invited to the party. But through the power of pasta, gratitude, and great questions, he's been able to host hundreds of heartfelt dinners with thousands of people and created a safe space for vulnerability through his company "7:47 Club."


On this episode, Chris sits down with Mark to talk about how 7:47 Club got its start, how connecting people became his greatest strength, the strength of 'weak ties', and advice he would give to others trying to find their way while helping others.




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Show Notes:

-Experiences that left Chris feeling left out as he grew up.

-Why he feels we're 'deeply disconnected' from one another.

-Why Chris feels we should focus on quality of relationships instead of quantity.

-The importance of "1000 True Fans."

-How he identified connection others was a gift.

-Why everyone should ask each other 'the question.'

-How his self-worth has changed since starting these dinners.


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Episode Quotes

“If you could give credit or thanks to someone… who would it be?”


“There is no short cut. Just good hard work.”


“Innovation is just history repeating itself looking different.”


“Giving gratitude helps develop empathy.”


“It’s through the dark moments that you find true connection.”