Clint Arthur

Episode 10 - May 1 2015


Clint Arthur is a man who has remade himself. Many times.


He had his "aha moment" on New Years Eve of Y2K - he was then a taxi driver and lived on a boat.  He then decided to take his life in his own hands, and transform himself. He now teaches others what he has learned through being a regular guest on TV stations all across the US, in a course called Celebrity Launchpad.


In this episode, Clint discusses his biggest doubts and how he overcame them, how he started publicizing himself and getting on local TV, and why he thinks it is important to be a celebrity.


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Show Notes:

-Why mastery of your topic is very important

-A-ha moments

-How to get on TV

-Building confidence

-The value of resilience

-Why Clint believes doing TV appearances brings out your true authenticity.

-How to experiment with marketing

-Why doubling our tripling your prices may be the best thing you can do for your business

-Why Clint believes it is important to be a celebrity in order to be successful


Links Mentioned:

-Check out The Art of the Deal by Donald Trump

-Read Rich Dad Poor Dad

-Learn more about Chicken Soup for the Soul

-Clint recommends Happy for No Reason by Marci Shimoff

-He also highly acclaims Angela's Ashes

-Check out The Game by Neal Strauss

-We also recommend The Greatest Book of All Time - by Clint himself!

Episode Quotes

“All business is show business.”


“Everyone deals with 'who-am-I-itis'.”


“Evolve into something you enjoy & are uniquely good, then work hard.”


"Be more of your best self"