Colin O'Brady

Episode 141 - Oct 31, 2017


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Colin O’Brady is a pro endurance athlete, an adventurer, a powerful speaker, and the 2 time world record holder in the Explorers Grand Slam and Seven Summits. Through his professional endurance feats, Colin raises funds and awareness to inspire kids to live active, healthy lives. In today’s episode, we discuss the event that changed Colin’s life path forever, 3 ways to keep yourself going when you want to give up, and the importance of setting boldly audacious goals. For Colin, endurance challenges are a metaphor for striving towards your dreams on any path — what’s your Everest?


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Show Notes:

-The moment that changed Colin’s life path forever

-How Colin set 2 world records

-The importance of setting audacious goals

-The metaphor of the mountain

-Why specificity is key

-How to ask for help

-What to do if you don’t know what you’re passionate about

-3 ways to keep yourself going when you want to give up

-What is Beyond 7/2?

-How Colin inspires kids to lead active and healthy lives



Links Mentioned:

-Check out Beyond 7/2

-Watch Colin's TEDx talk

-Get your Organifi Green Juice


Question of The Week:

What is your Everest?

Episode Quotes

“We are the story we tell ourselves.”


“Be free to fail.”


"Knowing what you don't like helps you find what you do like.”


“The worst thing that could happen is not to try.”


"What is your Everest?"


“Fear can be a motivator rather than a detractor.”


“When we are healthier in body we are also healthier in spirit and mind.”


“Set an audacious goal.”