Daniel J. Watts

Episode 112 - April 11, 2017


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Daniel J. Watts is a Broadway star, actor, spoken word poet, and teacher. He has been in eight Broadway shows and currently stars in Hamilton. Today’s show is all about dreaming big. Tune in to hear how Daniel achieved his Broadway dream, the projects he’s working on next, and some life hacks to help you dream beyond your current reality.


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Show Notes:

-How loss has played a pivotal role in Daniel’s life

-When he found the artist within him

-Why you should collect and share what you make

-The power of language

-How to practice being more intentional with your language

-How Daniel has learned to be himself in situations where he feels not seen or heard

-What is love?

-How to do power poses

-Why it’s important to be in contact with the people that know who you want to be

-The lesson of butterflies… how to appreciate process


Links Mentioned:

-Watch Amy Cuddy's Power Pose TED Talk

-Visit Daniel's Website

-Get your Are You Being Real? merch


Question of The Week:

Are you being real about what you’re leaving behind?

Episode Quotes

"Leave as much goodness, positivity, and inspiration behind as possible."


"Know what success means for you and strive for it."


"The greatest gift to ourselves, is learning more about ourselves."


"If you start with love, you win no matter what."


"Be the person you say you want to be."


“If you’re creating something, there’s a reason for it.”