Desiree Lee

Episode 77 - August 9, 2016


Desiree Lee is an Author, Speaker, and Entrepreneur, who has faced formidable odds. She was incarcerated for four years before a stranger helped her back from the brink. Now she is a speaker and author, and helps people self-publish their own books. Listen in to this raw and inspiring interview.


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Show Notes:

-How it will be strangers who make you successful

-Finding the solution by teaching people how to fish

-Desiree’s daily rituals

-How Desiree used her personal story to teach others

-The scary part of being in abundance

-How she ended up in prison

-How a stranger helped her back from the brink

-Why she started teaching people how to self-publish books

Links Mentioned:

-The Millionaire Messenger

-Third Circle Theory

-Pass The Mustard Seed




Episode Quotes

"I didn’t wait until I was to do it - I acted as if I was until I became it."


"Nothing is impossible. I want to teach you how to fish."


"If I was able to help someone just in order to make them not feel alone, then it was worth it."