Eamon Armstrong

Episode 120 - June 6, 2017


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Eamon Armstrong is a professional festival goer. As the creative director of Everfest, Eamon reports on festivals all over the globe and works to build community at festivals and through social media. Today’s episode is all about festivals and sexuality. Tune in to hear how Eamon first got excited about festivals, why he believes the festival world is growing, and how he thinks about and lives out his sexuality.


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Show Notes:

-The ups and downs of being a professional festival goer

-How shame can be an opportunity

-Eamon’s journey of exploring his sexuality

-Why we try to fit in as kids and be different as adults

-Eamon’s experience with addiction and blaming his dad

-How Eamon found self-expression at festivals

-How you can grow through festival experiences

-Eamon’s best festival experience of all time

-Why festivals are growing

-What Eamon has learned from psychedelics


Links Mentioned:


-Burning Man

-Sign up for Winning Weeks


Question of The Week:

Are you being real about your sexuality and owning your sexual desires?

Episode Quotes

“Shame is a really profound teacher and opportunity for radical self-acceptance.”


“Serve in the way that feeds you most.”


“When you’re younger you’re weirdness and difference seems like a curse, when you grow up you realize that it’s your treasure.”


“The fiasco disaster that hits this point of ridiculous failure and then turns into the most f*cking sublime thing you can imagine — that to me is Burning Man. “


“I see my sexuality as a constellation.”


“You can see something in a psychedelic but it will not change your life, you change your life through changing your habits.”


“Loving yourself is a habit.”