Elana Meta Jaroff

Episode 88 - October 25, 2016


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Elana Meta Jaroff is a dancer, teacher, and spiritual gangster. She teaches authenticity through the META method, a practice she created to connect people with their true selves via movement & dance, and guided by the natural elements. Join us for a conversation about what having a dedicated personal practice can do for your life, how movement can help you connect with your authentic self, and why we’re revising the phrase “fake it ‘til you make it.”


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Show Notes:

-What is the META Method?

-Why developing a personal practice is an ongoing process

-How to share a personal practice

-How a childhood tragedy shaped Meta’s path

-How she found dance

-Meta’s first experience at a transformational festival

-How she started performing and teaching

-What dance does for Meta

-How the elements affect our bodies and movement

-What is the fifth element?

-The new “fake it ’til you make it”

-How to let the natural cycle turn darkness into light

-How to spark your fire


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Question of The Week:

Are you being real with aligning your thoughts, words and actions?

Episode Quotes

“To know what I don’t want clarifies everything that I do want.”


“What moves you? What gets you to be grounded and centered and authentic?


“What do you look like when nobody else is there?”


“Dance connects me to the deepest part of my spirit, it brings me to life, it quiets my mind, it stimulates my body, it invigorates my senses, it reminds me of the importance of calling my parents.”


“There’s nothing to do but fully surrender to the moment, and allow what wants to have space to come alive.”


“When we tap into the depth of our truth and passions, we are expansive in seeing the infinite possibilities that are around us.”


“Dance with the resistance. Go towards the resistance. Understand yourself under pressure and who you are.”


“Energy follows attention, and it shows in our character on a daily basis."