Elisa Rose

Episode 198 - November 27, 2018


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Creating art is a way for us to take who we are and express it in a way that makes it easier for others to understand. But with vulnerable expression comes the risk of judgment and rejection. Whether it comes from others and from ourselves, that fear of judgment can tempt us to hold back from letting others see us and our art. Case in point:  talented singer-songwriter Elisa Rose.


Even though Elisa’s music radiates with messages of healing and awakening that everyone can appreciate, she still held back from releasing her album, "Breath & Bones," even though it was already finished two and a half years ago. Thankfully, she recently released her music and is discovering more positive feedback than she could have imagined and is experiencing the joy of sharing for the sake of sharing.


Tune into Episode 198 of Are You Being Real to hear what exactly led to her releasing her album, what her creative process is like, how growing up on a commune influenced her work, what’s truly driving her desire to create music, and how she manages her perfectionist nature.


And be sure to listen all the way through for a unique, acoustic performance of Elisa's song, “Light and the Dark!”


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Show Notes:

-How Elisa finally released her latest album, almost three years after it was finished.

-What really drives and inspires her music.

-What it feels like to vulnerably open up and express herself on stage.

-Perspective on light/dark, love/loss.

-How to deal with surrounding negative energy and emotions as an empath.

-What life was like growing up on a commune in Ojai, CA.

-Elisa's take on perfectionism and its impact on her art.

-The most sensitive subject for Elisa to talk about.

-How she describes her familial identity.

-Why video is Elisa's greatest opportunity for growth.


Things to Check Out:
• Breath & Bones by Elisa Rose
• Gabrielle Roth's 5Rhythms

Episode Quotes

"The music is very mysterious to me."


“I’m always working with fear, whether it’s conscious or subtle.”


“The point is to connect and touch hearts.”


“I don’t need to be perfect…”


“Embracing our totality is the best thing.”


“Compassion, compassion, compassion.”


“Don't let the ideas of what it could be get in the way of what it is.”


"Art is art while we’re making it.”


“It is necessary for an artist to have a developed aesthetic.”