Emily Pereira

Episode 117 - May 16, 2017


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Emily Pereira is an author, writing teacher, and yoga instructor. She works to empower women to develop and tap into their creativity through transformational workshops. Tune in for a how-to guide to leaving the corporate track, taking radical responsibility for your life, and giving yourself permission to be a beginner.

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Show Notes:

-How Emily left her corporate job to follow her truth

-Why she started leading transformational workshops for women

-How to bring ordinary magic into your life

-What is taking radical responsibility

-How to give yourself permission to not be perfect

-Why it’s okay to be a beginner

-How to be your own creative muse 

-Why process is the best part

-Tips for getting real with yourself

-How to find balance with social media in your life

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-Visit Emily's website

-Get your free copy of Unstoppable Woman


Question of The Week:

Are you being real in the way that you are showing up for yourself in your life? 

Episode Quotes

“We all have a unique creative genius.”


“You are one decision away from having an incredibly different life, if that’s what you want.”


“Vulnerability is the willingness to not be perfect.”


“Everything is a gift.”


“Failure is an illusion.”


“In our imperfections and vulnerabilities, that’s where we can actually see each other.”


“In moments of inspiration there’s no place I’d rather be.”


“As my love for myself went up, my competition with other women went down.”


“You’re allowed to be a beginner.”