Erin Kameiko

Episode 101 - January 24, 2017


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Erin Kameiko took a courageous leap of faith and left her career in corporate marketing to follow her “why.” She founded to support women to achieve authentic wellness in their lives through consulting and online content. Erin is also part of the family, working behind the scenes on projects such as our Instagram campaigns and the Daily Inspiration email. Today we get real about the importance of practicing self-compassion, how to change the pattern of making decisions based on what others think, and Erin’s musings on authenticity in romantic relationships.


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Show Notes:

-How to find light in your darkness

-The story of Project Revel

-Erin’s big shift: the most terrifying and most gratifying moments

-How she learned to be kind to herself while making courageous moves

-Erin’s tips to practice self-compassion

-How our family shapes who we are

-Why we make decisions based on keeping other people comfortable and happy

-Learn to value your own discomfort as much as the discomfort of others

-Why it’s challenging to be authentic in brand new relationships

-The juicy stuff… how Erin learned what she does and doesn’t want in a relationship


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Question of The Week:

Are you being real about the why?

Episode Quotes

“There’s a gift in being able to say you don’t have it all figured out.”


"We’re super jaded because we are working towards goals that aren’t authentically our own.”


“We are more concerned with how our lives look than how our lives feel.”


“Embody what you preach.”


“Flex your self-compassion muscle.”


“Do the right thing, not because you’re going to be rewarded, but because it’s the right thing to do.”


“How we are with ourselves is reflective in the way we treat others.”


“A winning week is the perfect balance between flow & structure.”


“It’s when we’re not okay that the growth happens.”


“I realized that most of the decisions I made were based on keeping other people comfortable and happy.”