Ethan Lipsitz

Episode 7 - April 14, 2015


Do you want to learn from the success of a creative entrepreneur?


Ethan Lipsitz hand-sews exotic fabrics into each unique piece that makes up his wildly successful Apliiq Clothing label. He also creates dumbfounding shopping experiences for those lucky enough to come check out his threads.


In this episode Ethan reveals the mindset you can use to channel your passion for fashion to create a flourishing business. Not only that, Ethan shares where he sees the future of self-expression, the fashion world and big brands in the market place.


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Show Notes:

-How to start a personalised brand

-The history and identity of fabrics

-How to walk into shops and sell on consignment

-The evolution from hobby to brand

-Fashion... and why we value self expression

-How fashion cultivates community

-The pros and cons on starting a Kickstarter campaign

-Why passion drives growth

-How to find beauty in art everyday


Links Mentioned:

-Check out Tim Ferriss's blog on Soma kickstarter campaign

-Learn more about the Kibbutz culture

-Get your friends to design their own personalised garment at Apliiq

Episode Quotes

"Fabric has the stories weaved in to the threads, literally."


"Clothing is functional art."


"Constantly re-launching is a way of life, it's like improvisation."


"You are your best when you're enjoying life."