Fern Olivia

Episode 138 - Oct 10, 2017


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Fern Olivia is the founder of Thyroid Yoga, Ajai Alchemy, and Sensual Intelligence. Fern is a healer and strives to help people heal themselves so that together we can heal the world. Whether it’s helping people heal their bodies through Thyroid Yoga or discover their own sensuality though Sensual Intelligence, her positive energy and smile are infectious. In today’s episode, we discuss Fern’s own inspiring journey of self-healing, how to practice asking your body what it needs, and ways to create ritual and sensuality in your daily routine.


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Show Notes:

-How Fern discovered her gifts

-Fern’s definition of healing

-Why Fern loves yoga

-What is Thyroid Yoga

-How to practice asking your body what it needs

-Learn to release stuck energy

-The power of making sounds

-What is Sensual Intelligence

-How to take responsibility for your own healing

-Tips for turning habits into rituals


Links Mentioned:

-Visit Fern's website

-Apply for Winning Weeks


Question of The Week:

Are you being real in bed?

Episode Quotes

“Let your energy flow through your body.”


“Rituals are habits made holy.”


“Do things you love. It will make you a healthy, happier & fulfilled person.”


“Be yourself and people will admire you.”


“Healing is a way to find our way back home, to find our soul again.”


“Our bodies are meant to heal.”