Taylor Conroy, Ben Rolnik, Ross Everett, Stephan Cesarini, & Mark Shapiro

Episode 149 - Dec 26, 2017


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In this untraditional episode of The One & Only, I bring together a group of five modern men for a free-flowing conversation. I’m joined by four of my favorite people — Taylor Conroy, Benjamin Rolnik, Ross Everett, and Stephan Cesarini— as we discuss self-love, authentic connection, when in human history has been the best time to be alive… or whether it’s right now. Join us for a deep dive into life’s most pressing questions.


Show Notes:

-What are our debilitating patterns?

-Is self-love important?

-What are we most afraid of?

-When was the best time to be a human being?

-Is the soul egoless?

-Why do we want to be the best?

-Does society have to be hierarchical?

-Are babies enlightened?

-Is fear on the rise?


Links Mentioned:

-Start 2018 off with Winning Weeks

-Get your Organifi Green Juice


Episode Quotes

"We become our environment."


"Would you rather connect with someone's love or someone’s hurt?”


"We are here to be in service to one another."


"Everything I'm afraid of, I go for."


“The universe is giving you clues as to what your opportunities for growth are.”