Preston Smiles, Caitlin Turner, Amber Valdez, & Zach Puchtel

Episode 173 - June 12, 2018


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On this week’s episode, we continue our four-part Group Podcast series with our second episode touching on the topic of Racism. This is a delicate, sensitive, and hot-button topic and I'm delighted with the bold, inspiring, and honest answers our guests answered on the spot. It's a topic that definitely doesn't get address nearly enough and I'm happy to share this with you.


This week's guests are:


Caitlin Turner: an empowering Instagram influencer (@gypsetgoddess).

Zach Puchtel: a musician and transformational author of the upcoming book "The American.

Amber Valdez: The "Life Purpose Cheerleader" coach and author of Stickie Affirmations.

Preston Smiles: a popular transformational YouTuber and founder of 'Man Cave,' an online brotherhood of conscious men.


This concept was conceived from the positive feedback we received on Episode 149 where I brought in 5 of my friends and just sat around and talked about life and what’s real for us. If you'd like to listen to part 1 of this series, check out Episode 171 where we discuss Negative Thoughts and Limiting Beliefs.

Episode Quotes

“It’s really important for all of us to not pretend like we don’t have work to do in this area.” -Preston Smiles


“As long as it was a learning experience, it was good that it happened, so that you can move forward with this new information.” -Caitlin Turner


“I feel like I’m signing on the racism if I don’t say something." -Amber Valdez


“Until we start thinking of ourselves as one people, nothing is going to change.” -Zach Puchtel


“Where is the line in terms of making jokes about your own race?” -Mark Shapiro


“People would just like to be seen as the amazing gifts from god that we are.” -Preston Smiles