Dr. Hendrie Weisinger

Episode 41- December 1, 2015


Dr. Hendrie Weisinger is a world-renowned psychologist and New York Times best selling author.


He’s written more than 9 books, worked with countless Fortunate 500 brands, and is here on the podcast to share his immense knowledge.


Today we talk about giving and receiving criticism, being your authentic self, and trusting your feelings. You won’t want to miss this one.


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Show Notes:

-How to bring out creativity in your kids

-How watching TV can help you become more emotionally intelligent

-What authenticity means

-Why it is risky to be yourself

-Why not everyone needs to like you

-Why people are hesitant to ask for help

-Why a supportive environment is very crucial

-Why titles are BS

-Why competitiveness can be good and bad

-Feedback vs. Criticism

-How to be honest while still having a positive intent


5 Pieces of Wisdom from the episode:

-Social Media Tips 1) Know that not everyone will like you 2) Be ok with it 3) Take risks and put yourself out there.

-The more authentic you are, the more tuned in you are to your feelings and being real, which support you on a both an inner-personal and interpersonal level; positively impacting your relationships.

-Give people permission to be upset, don’t say "Don't feel bad" when communicating with others. It's important to feel and experience emotions both good and bad.

-If you want to relate to someone more effectively, be empathetic and imagine a situation in your life that is similar, so you can tap into those feelings and communicate them.

-Approach giving criticism or feedback (whatever you prefer to call it) compassionately, letting the recipient know you care about their growth and success, and giving them concrete tips & examples of how they can perform/work/communicate better.


Links Mentioned:

-Listen to me on the Slow Your Home podcast.

-Check out Hendrie's latest NYT Bestseller, Performing Under Pressure, & his upcoming e-Workshop.

Episode Quotes

"Let your feelings and instincts be your guide, not your brain."


"Don’t focus on being better than other people, be focused on doing your best."


"It's tough to develop and practice authenticity with social media & technology."


"You have to trust your relationship for it to succeed, and handle pure honesty."


"It's better to be single than with someone you can't be authentic with."


"Believing in yourself is the most important thing."


"Authenticity is expressing how you really feel and being honest."


"Once you think your acceptance is conditional, you can never be true to yourself."


"The only person who really knows if you are authentic is yourself."


"Learn how to feel good and value yourself."


"Being authentic allows people to see who you really are."