Jake Greene

Episode 174 - June 19, 2018


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Jake Greene is a speaker, author, new media expert, and former business consultant to top companies such as Allstate, Hilton, and GameStop (among others).  His newest book, Create Great Videos, was recently published this past April and is packed with inspiring examples of creatives making a difference with their content.  It definitely worth picking up and giving yourself the opportunity to learn from his many interviews.

In this episode, I sit down with Jake and discuss what it takes to make impactful content, what it takes to get started and make a big idea grow, and our differences in how we use social media to connect with others.  He's an incredibly intelligent guy with vault of knowledge that you'll be sure to learn from.  Give this episode a listen and share it with the creatives in your life!


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Show Notes:

-The Banjo Story with Noam Pikelny

-How Jake lept into content creation.

-What everyone wants to be a part of.

-How a company can sustain attention from their audience.

-Jake breaks down his new book "Creating Great Videos"

-How to connect with the current generation.

-How Mark and Jake differ on their opinions about 'What is real?'

-The responsible way to embrace the good and become aware of the bad of social media.

-Which project Jake is currently most excited about.


Links Mentioned:

-Get your copy of Create Great Videos by Jake Greene and Reza Izad
-Get your copy of Whoa, My Boss Is Naked!  by Jake Greene
-Jake Greene's Official Site

Episode Quotes

“Everyone wants to be a part of a great story.”


“You can't find your own path until you start walking.”


“Be willing to suck at first.”


"People minimize the importance of their stories.”


“There are no universal boundaries for what’s right and wrong.”