James Maskell

Episode 85 - October 4, 2016


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James Maskell is the author of the upcoming book The Evolution of Medicine and the host of the podcast with the same name. He works to create platforms for health practitioners and innovators to come together to help adapt medicine to fit our contemporary needs. Join us for a conversation about what functional medicine is, where the healthcare system is headed, and how you can take ownership over your own health.


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Show Notes:

-What is functional medicine

-Doctor v. Patient... who is the center of attention in functional medicine

-Why we are good at treating acute disease but not chronic disease

-Why doctors are starting to seek out functional medicine resources

-How gender informs the type of healthcare people seek

-Who is driving the health care revolution

-Why James works to make resources about functional medicine accessible

-What functional medicine centers might look like

-What you can do to live a healthier life

-Why community and accountability are vital

-How the functional medicine mindset can be expanded to other issues


Links Mentioned:

-Evolution of Medicine (organization)

-Functional Forum

-Evolution of Medicine (podcast)

-James Maskell on mindbodygreen


Episode Quotes

"The system is not going to adapt quickly enough. What we need to think about is basically creating healthcare from scratch."


"The medicine you see in twenty years doesn’t look like the medicine today. It looks a lot more like, maybe, Uber."


"More and more doctors are coming into an understanding that they don’t have the tools to deal with today’s diseases."


"There’s a consumer driven healthcare revolution happening."


"Really the whole point of this medicine… is to help people understand themselves well enough that they can keep themselves well."


"In the new model you have a lot more power over your health than you ever thought possible."