Jared Matthew Weiss

Episode 125 - July 11, 2017


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Jared Matthew Weiss is the founder of Touchpoint, a town hall series all about sex and partnership. Touchpoint brings people together to open up and talk honestly about their sex lives and romantic relationships. In today’s episode we talk with Jared about where the idea for Touchpoint came from, how it has changed his life, and what we can all gain from getting more real about our intentions and desires in the bedroom and in love.  


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Show Notes:

-How Touchpoint works

-What it’s like to talk about sex with a big group

-Where the name Touchpoint came from

-The importance of touch to humans

-How fear of judgement and abandonment impacts our lives

-The problem with the way we design relationships

-How to get clarity about your fantasies

-What are your intentions behind sex?

-The line between authenticity, privacy, and transparency

-Jared’s favorite getting-to-know-you question


Links Mentioned:

-Attend Touchpoint

-Get your Organifi green juice


Question of The Week:

Are you being real about the love and sex that you want in your life?

Episode Quotes

“What we share is not as important as how we share.”


“To touch and be touched seems to be our purpose here.”


“Trust yourself.”


“We thrive in a relationship when we feel space and safety.”


“What’s the point of having sex? Why are we even doing this?”