Jason Goldberg

Episode 158 - Feb 27, 2018


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Jason Goldberg is the #1 international best-selling author of Prison Break, a transformational speaker, and an overall inspiring and resilient man. In this episode, Jason and Mark take a deep dive into how you can stop being the victim of your life, take control of your thoughts, and find your genius zone. Tune in for not-to-be-missed tips, and a free gift exclusively for our listeners!


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Show Notes:

-Jason’s journey out of the corporate world

-How Jason decided to start coaching

-How to stop being the victim of your life

-How to take control of your thoughts

-The practice of possibility-based thinking

-A subtle shift that can transform your life

-The opposite of seriousness…and how to use it

-How to get in touch with your genius zone

-Jason’s definition of authenticity

-Jason's overall mission


Links Mentioned:

-Get your FREE copy of Prison Break

-Check out Playful Prosperity

Episode Quotes

“Authenticity is what’s left over when you stop managing people’s perceptions.”


“Seriousness and playfulness cannot coexist.”


“Try to be 5% less serious and see what happens.”


“Slow down and see how perfect your life is right now in the present moment.”


“You find your gifts by using your gifts.”


“It’s all of our jobs to grow & be conscious.”


“Be more intentional about how you use the moments of your life, instead of being constantly used by life.”