Jason Shapiro

Episode 115 - May 2, 2017


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Jason Shapiro is a comedian, writer, and the author of the twitter handle @LosFelizDaycare. He has written for a variety of comedy TV shows, including Betty White’s Off Their Rockers, and recently published his first book, The Memory Hoarder’s Journal. Join us for a reflective conversation about what we remember, how to be who you want to be, and what it takes to live your dreams.

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Show Notes:

-How Jason found his creativity as a child

-How he decided to move to LA

-His experience working his way up the ladder in the comedy world

-How @LosFelizDaycare was born

-Where the concept for his book came from

-What we remember and what we don’t

-How to tap into your creativity

-Why it’s important to ask for feedback

-How your self-conscious characteristics might be your superpowers

-Why you should keep a pen and paper nearby at all times



Links Mentioned:


-Los Feliz Daycare

-The Memory Hoarder's Journal

-I Hate My Boss Podcast

-Herzl Camp


Question of The Week:

Are you being real about how you feel about yourself? And are you being real to yourself?

Episode Quotes

“The great ideas whisper.”


“You are who you are because of your family & friends.”


“Remember where you came from.”


“Everybody is funny. The funniest people that I know are not trying to be funny.”


“I winning week for me would be a huge losing week for someone else… As a writer I have to have a really strange week.”


“Keep a pen and paper next to your bed at all times, and keep one if your car if you can, and keep one with you.”


“I wish that I knew as a kid just how little looks mean when you’re an adult.”


“I love babies so much.”