Jayson Gaddis

Episode 163 - April 3, 2018


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Jayson Gaddis is the founder of The Relationship School and the host of The Smart Couple Podcast. Jayson is a relationship student and teacher, and a true wealth of knowledge when it comes to love. In today’s episode we dive into the intricacies of romantic relationships, including the three stages of love, how to identify your non-negotiable needs, what intimacy really means and how to cultivate it. Tune in for practical tips about how to be true to yourself, call in the ONE, or deepen a relationship with a current partner.


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Show Notes:

-The three stages of love

-Universal patterns in relationships

-How to maintain sovereignty… and get the connection you want

-How relationships can help us heal

-Why we call in certain people at certain times

-How to identify your non-negotiable needs

-When honesty is important… and when it’s unproductive

-Intimacy… what it is and how to cultivate it

-How to “get” your partner

-The importance of maintaining some mystery

-What is The Relationship School?


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Episode Quotes

“Love is a path of healing and growth.”


“If you’re struggling in relationships, there’s not some special pill, or genes, or childhood, it’s literally learning how — it’s a skill.”


“When we’re trying to change a person into someone they’re not, that's when we get into trouble.”


“If you're not willing to grow in a partnership, you're probably not going to make it very long without facing your stuff.”


“Intimacy is the dance between separateness and closeness.”


“We all can’t be real 100% of the time.”