Jeff Scult

Episode 99 - January 10, 2017


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Jeff Scult is an igniter, floet, and pivoteur. He lives his life based on his curiosity and has launched five companies out of pure joy and passion. His latest project, One Golden Thread, reminds us of the gold within each of us. Listen in to discover what this project is all about, how Jeff learned to be empathetic with himself, and what it means to be open to life’s pivots.


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Show Notes:

-Why stillness is valuable

-How Jeff realized he was being empathetic to everyone except himself

-How his relationship with himself has changed over time

-The rubber band effect

-When to look for support and when to give advice

-Why it’s important to share your gifts

-What is One Golden Thread?

-What it means to pivot

-How to have the courage to speak your truth

-The new work-life balance


Links Mentioned:

-Esalen Institute


Question of The Week:
Are you being real about whether the story you tell yourself is your current reveal?


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Episode Quotes

“You are worthy, you are enough, you are golden.”


“Be the person you came here to be and you will be the change in the world you want to see.’’


“Treat this day as a once in a lifetime experience.”


“Seek answers from the inside out.”


“Knowledge is what know and hoard, wisdom is what we share.”


“What we are here to do is to hold up the mirror for others.”


“Sharing our gifts is all were here to do.”


“The more I know, the only thing that I know is the less that I know.”


“All we have is our experiences.”


“Be open to the art of the pivot.”